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interior design grad show 2019
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aimee lee

artist statement:

First introduced to Interior Design by various forms of media, Aimee was mesmerized by how space could transform completely with just a few changes. By transforming the interior that interacts with the individual, it will revolutionize not only the space but the people in it. Every space tells a story, by evoking a conversation and transform into a catalyst for generating significance.


The last 4 years has taught Aimee the technical and creative aspect of interior design, independent work, collaborating as a group, and time management. By travelling to different countries, she hopes to learn the design history, and widen the perspective and knowledge about Interior design.


Outside of Interior Design, Aimee gathers various inspirations from events that showcase arts and design ideas created by others. Various design events, museums, and musicals allow to push the limits on what the space could become.

dream dinner guest:

Mulan (Ming-Na Wen)

where you can find her:

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