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interior design grad show 2019
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layla harhash

artist statement:

Being artistically talented from childhood is the biggest reason for Layla to pursue Interior Design as a professional career. Seeing designers from worldwide evolving interior spaces into masterpieces has inspired Layla to merge into this sector to leave a matchless imprint that will not be forgotten over the years. With the influence of modern and classical schools of design, Layla has immersed her design vision with innovation, green and universal elements to make her designs’ beauty and functionality come true to serve the end user better.​   

fun fact:

Since childhood, Layla and her twin sister have been telepathically connected. For example, in every exam they would coincidently have the same incorrect answer and have answers written in a similar way. As a result, teachers have separated them in different classes but that coincidence would still happen regardless.

where you can find her: