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interior design grad show 2019
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niveska sánchez tejada

artist statement:

Niveska is  in her final year of the Honours Bachelor of Interior Design at Sheridan College.

Her early passion for the arts and design led her to pursue a higher understanding of how her surroundings can influence her experience of the world around herself. Shaped by her cultural experiences, Niveska aspires to create memorable designs, which are people oriented, and aim to be uplifting through charming and captivating spaces.
Niveska is inspired by designers who desire to make the world a brighter place by creating memories for those who experience their design. Her objective is to one day take part in shaping the design industry by creating captivating and meaningful spaces, while encouraging sustainable and innovative practices in design. 

dream destination:

The first half of Niveska's life, she was born and raised in the Dominican Republic.

where you can find her:

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